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Comprehension Practice – Buildings

Comprehension Practice – Sinkholes

Words often used in the construction sector.

Fun activities for Architects and Civil Engineers

Insurance Terminology

arranged alphabetically and divided into small accessible tests. We recommend you repeat these questions regularly so you become really familiar with this vocabulary.


The roof of a structure is of great importance for a variety of reasons. This lesson covers this subject in detail and will give you the language you need to talk about this subject.

Insurance – 1

Self study English activities for professionals working in the insurance sector.

Accounting & Audit 1

English for accountants and auditors. This material is also of interest to anyone working in a financial context and who needs English.

Epoxy rebar – problems

In this lesson Dr. Tyler Ley, teacher at Oklahoma State University, talks about epoxy coated reinforcement in concrete and problems with corrosion. There are several activities and a video of about 9 mins.

Legislation, Case law and UK court structure

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