English for architects and engineers

This course is suitable for civil and industrial engineers and architects. Many of the classes are interesting to anyone who works with technology. To take full advantage of the classes we recommended that students have a level of English equivalent to B1 according to the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF or CEFR).


English for architects

The language contained in the course will allow professionals to communicate effectively both with colleagues and other interested parties such as clients, suppliers etc.


English for civil engineers

Language for construction sector professionals who need English for their work. This course covers a wide range of topics and offers practise using essential vocabulary and grammar.


English to speak about buildings and other structures

The material covers a wide range of topics in detail. The focus is on language to talk about structures and structural elements such as roofs, walls, foundations etc.


General technical English

This course covers vocabulary that is of general interest to anyone needs to use English to talk about technical matters. This includes numbers, dimensions and other measurements.


Industrial engineers

English for industrial engineers. Production processes are covered in detail.