English to speak about buildings and other structures

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The material covers a wide range of topics in detail. English to speak about buildings and structures. Talk about structural elements such as roofs, walls, foundations etc.

This course contains a series of self-study activities so you can practise your English to talk about structures.

The technical level is designed so you can talk to an interested party, client or an international collaborator. The lessons present specific English in a relevant context that will help you understand and use this vocabulary.

Most people attempting these classes will find them quite difficult at first. This is okay. What we would like you to do is try to complete the activities, read the answers and feedback carefully. The next and most important step is to repeat as many times as you need . Each time you do the activities you will notice an improvement and very quickly you will really dominate this language.

English to speak about buildings and structures is extensive. These classes will help you take your specific English to a higher level.